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Ana Lopes

Ana Lopes


License: CP  N17/17543/704

I am Ana Lopes, an official, tour guide graduated in the European University in Lisbon, and I work since more than 20 years as a Local tour guide and tour director for Travel Agencies in Portugal and in other Countries with groups and individuals in the field of portuguese cultural tours, leisure trips, tematic tours, religious tours and also Congresses, Events and Incentives.

I belive that knowing Lisbon and Portugal with a professional, qualified and experienced tour guide will allow you to get to know the portuguese culture, the art, history, traditions, wine and gastronomy.

While travelling you will have the oportunity to discover unforgetable places and make better use of of your travelling time!


The Portuguese entered the great ocean and discovered new islands, new Lands, new seas, new peoples and even a new sky and new stars.

Portugal is one of the most diverse and beautiful countries in Europe and it’s also one of the oldest.

It is a country with a rich history, culture, arquitecture  and art, connected with the discovery of new world.

The population are friendly and hospitable, the gastronomie and wines delicious and the weather is nice and mild.

 Portugal named World’s Leading Destination at World Travel Awards 2019 for the third year in a row and Lisbon is the World’s Leading City Break Destination.

Lisbon is officially the coolest capital in Europe after scooping three awards for Best City Destination and City Break at the World Travel Awards event.


Experience Lisbon and the surroundings!

Old Lisbon

Die St. Georg Burg, die Katedrale, Alfama und Bairro Alto mit Ginjinha – einen Süsser Sauerkirch Likör Probe mit typischen Süssichkeiten.
From 125€

Lisbon discoveries​

Visit the monuments in Belém disctrit and driving along the cost passing by Estoril and Cascais until Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of the european continent.​
From 125€

Mysterious Sintra​

Visit some castles, palaces and monasteries in Sintra, Queluz or Mafra.
From 125€

Halfday Tours

Fullday Tours

Arrabida mountain​

Winery and tiles — panoramic views from the top of the mountain with moscatel wine tasting in a wine Cellar and tiles painting in a workshop.
From 220€

Tailor made tour​

Tomar, Óbidos, Alcobaça, Batalha, Fátima, Nazaré
From 220€

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Halfday tours (ca 4 Hours) – From 125€ 

Fullday Tours (ca 8 Hours) – From 220€

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When in Portugal

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